Custom Formed Illuminated Signs

Illuminated_01Backlit / Halo: Nuanced Glow

UL listed, halo-lit letter solutions in multiple product types – from Fabricated Stainless Steel, to Cast Metal letters or plaques, to Formed Plastic.

Fabricated Stainless Steel: quality, hand-crafted, ideal for achieving the high-end halo-lit look. Available with or without an optional UL listed LED package.

Cast Metal Letters or Plaques: now available in a halo-lit configuration, with or without the optional UL listed LED package.

Formed Plastic: whether it’s thermoformed plastic, custom or standard, or GemLite face-lit letters with translucent backs that also provides halo-lighting – there are many plastic letter options with optional UL listed LED packages.


Face Lit: Bright Attractions

We can produce plastic (Gemlite formed channel letters) or metal (fabricated stainless steel) LED face-lit letters – UL Listed – ready for a licensed electrical contractor to complete the final wiring.

Our GemLite formed channel letters feature shallow cans and corresponding faces, made from translucent, LED-compatible, corrosion-resistant pigmented plastic. A stunning and unique look where the face-illumination extends to the side returns of the letters. Available in flat, round or prismatic profiles in standard or custom styles.

Quality fabricated stainless steel – with an open face and acrylic insert – provides a high-end face-lit look. Available with or without the optional UL listed LED package.