Not all cheques are created equal.

Instead of stamping your logo onto your cheque, add a level of professionalism and have it printed as part of the design. Cheques come in many different sizes and can be printed with tear-off sheets for personal / business use. Our extensive selection of business cheques makes it easy to meet your payment and cash management needs:

High Security Cheques

– Offers customers extra security that can prevent a crippling loss from
Cheque fraud
– Provides peace of mind for pennies more per Cheque



Laser Cheques
– Laser and continuous
– Compatible with more than 2,000 software packages
– Custom options for niche software



Manual Cheques
– One-to-a-Page Cheques
– Two-to-a-Page Cheques


Personal Cheques

– Two styles to choose from
– Get the quality and detail you need




Custom Cheques
– Add customer’s company name, logo and colours
– Help build their brand and image