Book Binding

Thinking of publishing your own books? Looking for something more for your booklets, reports, training manuals and more? Not satisfied with the look of stapling or other binding options? Try out our soft or hard-cover book binding options.

Not only do they look more professional, but they lay flat, so they can be easily stacked, stored or shipped. These binding options are ideal for larger quantities of printing, but can also be done for smaller quantities if needed.

Book binding is ideal for any compilation not requiring future changes, since the binding is permanent. It requires a minimum of 40 pages, up to about 2″ thick.

Consider book binding for:

– family histories
– memoirs
– novels
– reports
– essays
– portfolios
– music
– magazines
– training manuals
– guest and log-in books
– and much more!

For thicker books, you can add the title, author’s name and other details to the spine for quick viewing on your bookshelf.

Soft-cover (or perfect) binding takes a printed cardstock cover and glues the inside pages into the spine, giving you a stylish and simple solution.

Hard-cover (or case) binding is a more durable option, where the inside pages are glued into a text block, which is then adhered to a hard cover (usually cardboard covered in paper or cloth).

Need help with the cover design or formatting the pages? Contact us for a quote and we’ll be happy to assist you.

For self-publishers, we provide a free ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for anyone printing their books with us.