Rental Billboards

Portable billboard signs are just that: portable and able to be moved to the location you desire. On a much bigger scale than an A-frame sign, these portable billboards are great for advertising on busy roads, some with thousands that pass by every day.

Looking for marketing impact? Rent a 5’x10′ full colour portable billboard! They are attractive and competitively priced. Letters do not fall off and cannot be taken off. It’s the perfect venue to build your brand and services.

1. Permit costs if any are over and above other than London, ON.

2. All rates include one basic graphic layout* and printing of both sides of the sign, installation and the rental.

3. If two different sign faces are required, there would be an additional $40 + HST (for the basic graphic layout*).

4. Should you wish to change the sign(s) once they have been up for a time, basic design* and printing of the signs (both sides) same graphics each side, taking down existing signs, installing the new signs. $190 + HST

* Stock photography is extra.