Third Generation Takes Over

August 10th, 2012 Posted in: Uncategorized

(Article Written by Terry Carroll of The Weekly News)

Michael (left) and Sarah Van Pelt, new owners of
Van Pelt’s Print Plus, with previous CEO (and their dad)
Floyd Van Pelt.

Officially and on its signage, the business located at 800 Talbot Street in St. Thomas has been called “Office Plus A Van Pelt Company” for some time. But anyone who has been in the St. Thomas area for any length of time quickly learns that everybody calls it simply “Van Pelt’s.”

The commonly used name is a tribute to how deeply the Van Pelt name is associated with this family business. It has evolved from humble beginnings selling books and stationery from a back room in a home on Hiawatha St. to a high tech business with many divisions. Started by Huig Van Pelt in 1956, Van Pelt’s has traveled a long and diverse path to the present day.

And the next phase is about to begin as Van Pelt’s transitions to the third generation. Floyd Van Pelt, the current CEO, is stepping down to allow his children to assume new roles. The brother/sister team of Michael Van Pelt and Sarah Van Pelt are spinning off the service part of the operation and will be running a separate business under the name Van Pelt’s Print Plus. Both Michael and Sarah have strong backgrounds in the family business.

Michael has over 12 years of experience in the service industry. Having worked in sales, production and management he is now very excited to spread his wings as co-owner. “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to expand my horizons, both personally and with the business, in a one-stop printing operation,” he said.

Sarah is passionate about art and design and has built a solid reputation in the commercial design world. “My team and I are willing and able to do any design,” she said. Experienced in branding, logo design, web design, marketing and variable data printing, Sarah’s team is currently serving customers from coast to coast. “I’m very excited to learn all the ropes about running our own business. It’s up to us now.”

Van Pelt’s Print Plus is located in the same building at 800 Talbot Street in St. Thomas, and its focus will be on all the printing and design services that have been developed over the 56 years in business.

“As early as 1965 we were doing print work for our customers in various forms,” Floyd said. Over the years this service has expanded to full digital and offset printing.

Van Pelt’s Print Plus will continue to offer a full print service for our customers as well as a host of other services. The range includes:

•  Web design and programming
•  Full service Postal Outlet
•  Marketing and Promotion
•  Logo design
•  Variable Data printing and marketing
•  Product development
•  Trade show booths

Van Pelt’s Print Plus services a large and diverse customer base. Print orders are shipped out from coast to coast and even some international customers. “Come in and say hi and see why more and more customers are choosing Van Pelt’s Print Plus as their one-stop shop for print and design,” Michael said.

“You’ll be glad you did,” Sarah added with a smile.